New York Construction Services

Our Services
  1. Dispatch Truck Services for New York City Construction.
  2. Office Personnel to do payroll and certified payroll on a weekly basis for NYC business.
  3. Two banks (with line of credit) for payroll services and to cover other project expenses.
  4. Two fuel companies (with lines of credit). One in New York City and the other in Westchester County for NY construction services.
  5. Two mechanics (with an account). One in New York City and the other in Westchester County.
  6. Long term leases with other trucking companies to get you additional trucks and services as needed.
  7. Provides dump trailers and container services as needed.
  8. Consult you on Field management services.
  9. Consult you on Site management services.
  10. Security guard services

In June 2010, Mr. Carroll stated Empire Construction Management Services in New York City. Empire Construction is currently working along with Blackridge Construction on the JFK runway project and provides Blackridge Construction with administrative, site and field management services.

We look forward to working with other construction companies in New York to provide them same quality of services that we provide to Blackridge Construction.

Contact us here or just give us a call at 917-992-3722

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New York City Construction Services
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